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Keep your guests and your staff safe and happy
KESKESE - Safe and Efficient Restaurant and
hotel communication and ordering
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How it works
Your guest scans QR-code
User scans QR-code and connects to his virtual table. No application installation required
Looks at the menu
Guest looks at the menu, adds menu items to cart, chooses additional menu items from recommendations
Interacts with staff using their phone
Guest can summon the waiter, ask for a check, or leave feedback. Waiter will get immediate notification on their phone or watch.
Restaurant features
Interaction with the staff
Guests can call their waiter, administrator, or ask for a check using their phone. No more hand waving or unsightly buttons on the tables.
Payment type choice
Guests can choose payment type from the interface. Waiter will know in advance to bring a payment terminal or change.
Get instant feedback from your guests and address any issues before they go to vent on social media.
Smart Menu
Guest can look at the menu, add menu items to cart, choose additional menu items from recommendations.
You are able to promote specials organically through the phone interface
Unlimited requests from kitchen
Kitchen will be able to contact with front staff through food-ready notifications. Able to send from tablet or phone
Point your smartphone camera or just use Qr-reader
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Stay on top of it
Statistics in details
Track number of waiter, admin summons, feedback submissions, etc over a time period to see the full picture at your establishment, in real time
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